Manushi Toor
Rating  4.6/5 Manushi Toor Facebook Twitter Instagram Psychology has always inspired me and amazed me at the same time.
Vikrant Jha
Rating  4.6/5 Vikrant Jha Facebook Twitter Instagram To explore the new possibilities and dimensions of psychology to enhance the
counseling psychologist
Vikrant Jha
New Delhi
Jyoti Das
Rating  4.6/5 Jyoti Das Facebook Twitter Instagram My orientations are Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Analytic Therapy.
Charu Lavania
Rating  4.6/5 Charu Lavania Facebook Twitter Instagram Apart from being passionate about Counselling, I’m interested in Art ( doodling,
Charu Lavania
Bhoomi Gupta
Rating  4.7/5 Bhoomi Gupta Facebook Twitter Instagram Though psychology is a subject which is gaining popularity and has been
Counselling Psychologist
Bhoomi Gupta
Shubham Prajapati
Rating  4.6/5 Shubham Prajapati Twitter Facebook Instagram Psychology is my passion. By learning more about the basics of the