How to Convince My Parents for Love Marriage?

How to Convince My Parents for Love Marriage?

How to Convince my Parents for Love Marriage? What to do if parents are against love marriage?

If you are in a Love Relationship and wants to convince your parents if they are against love marriage these simple tips might help you:


-Don’t be assertive and defensive. Show Respect and Trust to them.

Every time you want to convince someone, don’t just imagine that they’ll get convinced exactly the way you want, if you yourself are not ready to understand them and their point of view. Thus, no matter how correct you are, you got to show your respect, trust, and understanding for their opinions also. Acknowledging the fact that from which background their thought process is coming from, will help you understand their viewpoint and to make them reflect about those false patterns in their thinking process too.


-Healthy communication is the solution.

There must be so many valid reasons, why your parents are not convinced such as they may be worried about your future, they don’t want anything bad to happen with you, they don’t want you to get trapped in emotional decision and wrong choice, religious differences, inter-caste marriage, fear of society, conventional thinking and so on. When you encounter all those reasons, show good and active listening to them as well. You might also feel aggressive after you hear some of the illogical reasons, but this is the test of your patience and maturity to acknowledge and rationalize them with proper communication. 

Getting into arguments and fights will create differences and misunderstandings. It will stress and emotionally load both the parties. Sometimes, you may want to take help from a Third moderator if they are not getting convinced.


-Wait for the appropriate Time and situation.

Refrain from acting Impulsively. There would be many times when you would want to tell them and feel frustrated of keeping it hidden. In such situations, remember to take a pause and plan everything accordingly. It is going to be emotionally challenging situation for few families, so wait for the right time.


-List out and highlight the positive qualities about your partner.

When you are telling your parents about your partner for the first time, they would definitely want to know that why he/she is the best choice for you. It can include the education background, character, similarities between both partners and the families, personality traits of the person and so on. Role play before actually talking about all of these in front of your parents.


-Stay calm and have some patience.

In most of the middle-class Indian families, a lot of drama is involved in such kind of discussions. Do not give up, and keep trying. Make an important point that you cannot imagine your life with anybody else. This is the true test of your patience and it will show the strength of your love to your parents.


-Get convinced yourself first.

Be sure that he/she is the one with whom you want to spend your entire life. Fights happen in all relationships and if after each fight your decision to marry that person shakes up, then you may need to reflect about it. Once you are absolutely sure then it becomes easy to convince anybody else.


-Show Responsibility and maturity in your opinions

To increase your parent’s confidence in you, you can prove them to be a good Decision maker in other challenges of life. Show your strength in your career, work, or important family matters and responsibilities. Your decision should be firm enough and well thoughtful

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