Amrita Aren

Amrita Aren

Position: Psychologist

Categories: Guidance and Counselling

Language: English, Hindi, Tamil

Location: Gurugram

Phone: +91-8076299405

Amrita Aren Profile


I am a psychologist with diversified knowledge and interest. I deal with both sport and non sport specific issues pertaining to adults and children.

I help athletes reach their peak performance with the help of techniques such as imagery, visualization, self talk , goal setting and much more.

Being a people person, I love working with children and adults to find their passion and zeal in life, remove their blocks that are keeping them from being their most awesome help and learn to live a life they have always dreamt off.

I work with young adults help them overcome feelings of depression and anxiety, help them deal with their fears, substance abuse, build confidence and have a meaning and purpose to their life.

I am an effective communicator with an empathetic approach, Strong analytical and logical abilities coupled with strong interpersonal skills,.

Collaborated with coaching staffs and medical staffs on issues related to player and performance. Identify necessary referrals for clinical mental health needs.

Amrita Aren Skills

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Relationship
  • Injury Coping
  • Self-Confidence
  • Training + Education

  • MSc Psychology, From Jain University, Bangalore
  • B.Sc Psychology From Ethiraj College For Women (Madras university), Chennai
  • Completed Distance Diploma in Sports And Exercise Psychology- Institute Of Sports Science And Technology, Pune
  • Experience

  • Working As a Sports Psychologist in Shasti Institute
  • Interned with women’s state cricket team- U-19 and U-23 with TAMIL NADU CRICKET ASSOCIATION (TNCA)
  • Worked with TNCA fourth and Fifth division players, (2014-2016) one on one bases, (counseling and mental conditioning activities)
  • Worked In Pristine- Therapy And Skill Development Centre, Chennai
  • Worked with Para Olympians, Special Olympics, Chennai
  • Worked as a line-producer and also produced a television commercial on Sports-“MILIARIUM SPORTS
  • Skills


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
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    Manochikitsa Online Counseling & Therapy
    Average rating:  
     10 reviews
     by Aakash kapoor

    I want to share my personal experience with all of you when I was suffering from anxiety and Manochikitsa was helping me those days. That was the darkest period of my life which came into my life to destroy my mental peace. I was in anxiety due to having relationship issues and I was not able to make the right decision at that time but I knew I had to do something. I did nothing just went to take help from a counselor and booked my online counselling sessions at Manochikitsa. I met with Mrs. Amrita Aren there and explained my mental state to her. While being supportive, she used to give useful advice and helped me in clearing my issues.
    She kept me focused on the areas I really needed to be improved.

    Amrita mam is understanding and a light in the darkness. She is the best person I have ever met in my entire life because she is the reason that I am living my life without experiencing anxiety and I have the ability to make decisions in my life.
    I want to thank Manochikitsa for assigning her to me as my mental health facilitator.

     by Amit Arora

    Mrs. Amrita Aren, without a single doubt, I can recommend her for online relationship counselling. You can have her help by visiting the Manochikitsa website. She is an incredibly skilled and well-versed counselor. She has immense knowledge.
    I saw many online counselling websites on Google, when I was searching for relationship counselling. I chose Manochikitsa among those websites as I have already heard about it from someone. Mrs. Amrita has really been a powerful support behind our successful relationship. She did a lot for us to make our bond strong. We had almost lost each other but our last try with the marriage counselor worked effectively.

    Firstly, I would like to advise any couple facing relationship issues in their love life must seek help from a professional. As far as I know Mrs. Amrita is an experienced relationship and marriage counselor. I have taken counselling from her so I would definitely recommend her. So you may visit Manochikitsa and seek her help and support.
    I hope this will help you.
    Thank you
    Best wishes

     by Gurpreet kaur

    I would like to suggest the best psychologist, Mrs. Amrita Aren from Manochikitsa, for relationship counselling. I am saying this because I have personally experienced the online relationship counselling service provided by Manochikitsa. My fiancé and I were working with an adept marriage counselor Mrs. Amrita Aren for improving our relationship in better ways. He and I were living together before marriage so that we could know each other more. Being the earning persons we felt work pressure at a high level and being a woman I had to manage the kitchen and home as well. It was getting unmanageable plus I got frustrated easily with all the mess at home and then I expected my fiancé to help me in the kitchen but he never did. I denied him for intimating physically because I felt extremely exhausted. This continued for months and we both were cold to each other. If I see both of us then I realize that we both were mistaken. We failed each other. That could be easy but we made it tough and complicated.
    She is the best counselor for relationship counselling and there is no doubt. We both are thankful to Mrs. Amrita who has given her best while handling our case.

     by Kanchan Pal

    Having the support of a psychologist never goes in vain. Similarly my online therapy sessions with Mrs. Amrita Aren were fruitful in my healing process. I was first diagnosed at Manochikitsa with the OCD positive report. I was actually obsessed with my irrational, negative, and intrusive thoughts and checking the doors, windows and light etc. over and over again. I had been suffering from OCD for almost 5 years but things started bothering me when I got married. That condition was affecting me, my mental health, and my life. Online based therapy sessions were all I got in my favor and I saw it was working. Therapies like CBT used by my psychologist were very effective. I think I got the best psychologist through Manochikitsa. I really appreciate her for her nature and for her commendable skills.
    If you ever visit the website you will see Mrs. Amrita’s name there in the expert list and you can also check her qualifications and achievements in her profile. I personally want to recommend her for online therapy.

     by Tripti

    Here I am sharing my experience with Mrs. Amrita Aren who is a psychologist and a marriage/relationship counselor at Manochikitsa. My husband and I married 2 months ago and we felt not so comfortable with each other and had problems while communicating. It was an arranged marriage. Without effective communication skills we both often got bored. We both decided to take help from a professional aka marriage counselor. Then we found Manochikitsa and were connected with it for having our online counselling sessions. We attended our sessions, learnt basic skills, communication skills, and also learnt relationship management.
    Mrs. Amrita is a soft spoken, problem solver, a great personality, and the best marriage counselor. She has really helped both of us in getting some simple yet immensely important insights about our relationship. We both always follow what we have learnt from her and because of her we are now able to enjoy the true essence of our relationship.
    This platform is fully trusted and is completely reliable for being connected with it.

     by Ruchi Sahani

    I am in favor of online counselling from Manochikitsa because it is the best platform to get the help from the best mental health experts. Everyone should try this platform if you are having a mental block or any kind of problem in their day to day lives. Problems which are making them mentally weak need to be treated rightly by seeking help from the best psychologist. My mental health was restored by Mrs. Amrita Aren who is a psychologist and an expert counselor, and works at Manochikitsa. I would have suffered during my whole life if I didn’t make a move of taking counselling sessions at the right time. I was ignoring my anxiety issues. I had spent approximately three years with anxiety and I did not know how I did it. I know I was late but still was able to reconnect with my life after having several sessions with my counselor. She supported me to come out of my miserable past and marital discord issues. I was guided by her in the best way and now I am completely fine with everything. She is the best counselor, I must say. I am grateful to her and grateful to Manochikitsa.

     by Sarthak

    I have been working with my psychologist for the last month. My psychologist, Mrs. Amrita Aren is still connected with me, as I want to learn something more from her. She is the best counselor for online counselling. I met her through Manochikitsa. Because of anxiety I started to feel sad and helpless. I was suffering from anxiety which brought loneliness, negative thoughts, restlessness, and insomnia along with it. I remained aloof and upset all the time. It seemed my girlfriend took my life away when she left me. When I joined Manochikitsa online counselling platform, I still had no hope but I was wrong and I realized in my first sessions that I could be well. There were many things to be learnt in order to keep mental health stable. I learned so much from her, and got so much knowledge about my problem, anxiety, human nature, and mind. My psychologist used to suggest so much to me and it usually took me time to implement them. I was better after that. She is the best counsellor one can ever have.

     by Ritu khanna

    A month ago my married life had some issues resolving those issues. I sought help from Manochikitsa and booked my online counselling sessions for marriage counselling. I was assigned a female psychologist Mrs. Amrita Aren and I was completely happy with that. She is such a down to earth and super knowledgeable person I had ever seen before. Being highly educated and knowledgeable she never spoke rudely to me. She got my points and my concerns easily and she was able to understand what I couldn't say. She gave me her emotional support as well. She did not just help me but also counseled my husband towards the positive direction so that he could make equal efforts with me. After attending several individual sessions with her my husband also joined the sessions. It gave me hope that everything was going to be alright then.
    She provided her support and advice without being critical. I really enjoyed my counselling experience with her. She taught some basic skills and gave advice so that we could improve our communication and maintain our relationship.
    I thank her and Manochikitsa for bringing happiness in my life.

     by Raghav

    From my personal experience I can say that Mrs. Amrita Aren is the best psychologist for online counselling. She has expertise in dealing with stress, depression, OCD, anxiety and other mental health concerns. She was working on my depression case. I used to be very confused about my future, career options, and goals. I was confused because my parents were expecting I would choose MBBS and I wanted to go engineering. I was stuck between both of them and started to feel mentally pressure. For the sake of my parents’ happiness I chose MBBS but I felt trembling sometimes while studying. I had nothing left instead of studying hard for my parents’ dream. I could not focus more because of depression. I thought of online therapy sessions from the Manochikitsa because it was highly recommended by my friend so I considered this particular website. I started taking sessions and the psychologist practiced the therapies so that I could be made depression-free. From her support and help I recovered mentally and was able to focus on my studies again without any problems. I personally thanked her for helping me.

     by Silki gupta

    I am very much relaxed after meeting Mrs. Amrita Aren at the platform of Manochikitsa regarding my therapy sessions. Online therapy worked and cured my depression. She is a very calm type of person and pays attention to what the client has to say. She understands and caters the needs of the client. When I was taking my online therapy sessions with her she never made me feel uncomfortable and asked to feel free to say anything that I had in my head. She also asked me to share my worst experience in a relationship which was actually the main reason for my depression. I was very comfortable during her sessions because she really tried to get my point and to understand me. She started giving therapies to me accordingly. It took me 10 video call sessions to restore my mental health.
    Her immense knowledge shows that she is a highly experienced professional and the best psychologist. I will always be grateful to her and will highly recommend her to others.

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