Dr. Gunjan Tewari

Dr. Gunjan Tewari Psychologist

Dr. Gunjan Tewari

Position: Psychologist

Experience: 25 Years

Language: English, Hindi, Bengali

Location: Kolkata

Phone: +91-8076299405

Dr. Gunjan Tewari Profile

Dr. Gunjan Tewari is a registered psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India with 25 years of experience in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and 12 years of experience as a psychoanalyst. Psychoanalysis, as many of you probably know, is the acclaimed Freudian technique of going deep into the unconscious, to understand the causation of symptoms and hence finding relief from them. This is the most in-depth and long lasting of all therapies. In today’s times it is often modified and practiced as psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy. She is a member of the Indian Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association.

Dr. Tewari, has also worked extensively with children, adolescents and the youth. This involves dealing with problems of aggression, depression, stress, anxiety, Marriage, relationship, family, couple therapy, trauma, substance abuse and many other ills that torment the young mind. She is one of the pioneers in Aptitude testing and Career Counselling, giving completely individualized reports as opposed to the computer-generated reports available today.   Emotional healing, mending relationships, improving mental health and life coaching for holistic and happy living are her other areas of specialization.

Dr. Gunjan Tewari ​ Skills

  • life coaching
  • Aptitude testing and Career Counselling
  • Trauma & Anger Managemen
  • Leadership Skills
  • Relationship, Family & Marriage Issues
  • Anxiety, Stress & Depression
  • Child Counseling
  • Emotional healing
  • Training + Education

  • PhD in Applied Psychology From Calcutta University
  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Spe.Clinical Psychology) From Calcutta University in 1997
  • B.Sc(Hon) Psychology From Gokhale Memorial Girls College in 1995
  • Experience

  • Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Psychometrist ( 1997 onwards)
  • Registered Psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India – A 18714
  • School Counsellor at a leading Girls School in Kolkata.(From 2009)
  • Over 15 years of progressive experience in conducting Behavioral workshops to enhance performance for Corporate professionals / Sales Teams / Students as a Freelance Performance Trainer.
  • Practicing Psychoanalyst : Member International Psychoanalytical Association & Indian Psychoanalytical Society (2010)
  • Resource Person : for Continuing Rehabilitation Education – CRE program of the Rehabilitation Council of India at MANOVIKAS KENDRA (Training and Research Centre for Special Education ) (2008-2013)
  • Resource Person :Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling at Netaji Subhash Open University.
  • Conducting Workshops : for Teachers (Behaviour Modification; Identifying Learning Disabilities and Psychological problems in the classroom situation); For  Children & Parents   (Life Skills; Managing Stress in Children;  Communicating with Children;  Child Abuse – Good Touch Bad Touch; Leadership Skills; Peer Relations; Discipline)
  • Skills


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
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     10 reviews
     by Vivek Singh

    A few months ago, this “depression” happened to me that just turned my world upside down but I am so grateful to Dr. Gunjan who rightly assisted me to get through everything connecting back to my depression. I owe her once. I would also like to suggest you all to talk to Dr. Gunjan via online counselling mode once and see the difference. I hope you would go with this suggestion, actually the best one.
    Best regards

     by Prabha Verma

    I was going through a very tough period when I got to know that I had depression. My toxic relationship with my boyfriend put me in that condition and the last nail was hammered by the breakup from his side. It was seriously the worst thing ever happened to me where I felt like I was dying every day. It never seemed easy that I would be able to deal with it alone which was why I sought help from a professional and I got the right fit in the form of Dr. Gunjan Tiwari who took the online counselling sessions and took my depression away. She blessed me with a happy life. I cannot thank her enough.

     by Rimpi Dhamija

    I deeply appreciate Dr. Gunjan Tiwari who helped me to get my marital issues fixed and saved my marriage. She helped me when my marriage started deteriorating and was on the verge of divorce. I actually got a recommendation for Manochikitsa online counselling for my marriage related issues so I booked my sessions here with Dr. Gunjan Tiwari and I seriously found that those online counselling changed my life which is why I highly recommend her.
    Thank you

     by Priya Lokhande

    Having relationship issues between the couples is common but it does not mean at all that ending the relationship is the only way to get rid of all the problems once for all. My boyfriend and I had some serious issues but giving our relationship a try one more time was our decision but the condition was we both would be having online counselling for resolving our issues under the guidance of a trained and experienced psychologist. Fortunately, we met Dr. Gunjan Tiwari and everything seemed to be getting better. She has really been such a blessing for us. We both thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

     by Gunjan Biswas

    I believe in online counselling since I met Dr. Gunjan Tiwari. A few months ago, I felt my anxiety issues would end my marriage. Due to anxiety I felt anger and it sometimes became uncontrollable. My issues with my husband were getting severe and I saw hope in counselling so I gave this idea a hit. Talking to my psychologist over video conferencing proved a helping tool which saved me and my marriage.
    Online counselling for marital issues is a powerful tool if you believe in the power of counselling. For the best experience I highly suggest you connect with Dr. Gunjan.
    Thank you

     by Puja Garg

    I remember that time when I myself spoiled my own relationship with my boyfriend due to having a habit of over-thinking. I was always on the go for thinking negatively regarding our relationships and I always had thoughts like my boyfriend might have another relationship with a girl. It was the limit of my over-thinking that was ruining our relationship. I am lucky that I found help at the right time and saved our relationship. I started taking online counselling sessions with my psychologist from Manochikitsa. I thank Dr. Gunjan Tiwari whose well-directed assistance and guidance made me able to fix all the issues that were created by me. I sincerely applaud her and recommend her as well.

     by Purnima Chauhan

    Dr. Gunjan Tiwari is one of the best mental health experts I have ever seen which is why I highly recommend her for anxiety disorder and related issues. She provides the best online counselling and I have personally experienced it. I was also rescued by Dr. Gunjan when I was suffering from anxiety and for her assistance and support I wholeheartedly thank her.

     by Tripti Pattnaik

    I feel very happy with my life and my relationship since I met Dr. Gunjan Tiwari. During my online counselling sessions, I learnt a few skills from her that would help me to fix my relationship issues with my boyfriend. Even little troubles in a relationship can make a big difference which is why troubles are required to be shot as soon as possible. With my psychologist’s help I got over it and I recommend you the same if you are having any relationship issues. Dr. Gunjan is, no doubt, the best psychologist.

     by Saba Khan

    Working closely with a skilled psychologist is the only way to help you have a better quality of life. A psychologist can solve all your problems related to mental health. I had some mental health issues created by my over-thinking but I got rid of them since I started working with my psychologist, Dr. Gunjan, on my issues to get them resolved. All the online sessions for my counselling were helpful and effective and for this I thank Dr. Gunjan Tiwari for being a great help.

     by Shivam Kumar

    Suffering from anxiety disorder is really the worst thing ever that exists in the world. It is true that anxiety can hit you in various ways but dealing with it is totally in your control. The best way to deal with this is online counselling.
    Therefore, you need to choose the best professional to prevent your mental health from the damage. I recommend Dr. Gunjan Tiwari for online counselling.