Tanusree Basak

Tanusree Basak

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Experience: 10 Years

Language: English, Hindi,Bengali

Location: Calcutta

Phone: +91-8076299405

Tanusree Basak Profile

I am M.Phil qualified (RCI recognised) Clinical Psychologist having 10 years of clinical experience of helping clients to make their life better through making their choices better. I am constantly improving my skills so that I can deliver more effective emotional health service to my clients. Dynamic occupational experiences in Multispecialty hospital and clinics, in College as a college counselor and long years of experience in Corporate company have helped me to take perspectives in variety of psychosocial problems/stressors of my clients. 

My core competence are psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy) and counseling in relationship issues, work stress and work-life balance, issues in adolescence and academic stress, effective Parenting, lack of self confidence issue,  Enhancing motivation and problem solving skills, anxiety, phobia, OCD, depression, emotional trauma, adjustment problem and Marital issues.

Tanusree Basak Skills

  • Stress & Depression
  • OCD & Phobia
  • Child Counseling
  • Motivation & Self Improvement
  • Relationship & Marriage Issues
  • Anxiety & Emotional Trauma
  • Work stress and work-life balance
  • Training + Education

  • Qualified M.Phil examination in Clinical Psychology from University of Calcutta  in 2012.
  • Certification under section 19 of the Rehabilitation Council of India Act 1992 as a Clinical Psychologist
  • Professional Life Member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist since February 2013
  • M.Sc from University of Calcutta in Psychology (specialization: Clinical Psychology) in 2008
  • B.Sc from University of Calcutta in Psychology (Hons)  in 2006
  • Experience

  • Currently working as a psychologist/an expert in ‘Your Dost Health Solutions Private Ltd.’for providing face to face counseling service to corporate associates and engaged in private practice as well.
  • Worked in Tech Mahindra Limited, Kolkata centre as a Psychologist for IT and BPO professionals from 27.05.2013 to 18.09.2015
  • Worked in Bethune College (181, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata-700006) as a student counselor from April 2013 to March 2014.
  • Worked in Calcutta University Institution Industrial Partnership Programme as a Clinical Psychologist in 2013.
  • Worked at AMRI Hospital (230, Barakhola Lane, Purba Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 099) as a Clinical Psychologist from 05.03.2012 to 30.01.2013.
  • Worked with Calcutta Rescue (85 Collins Street, Kolkata-700016) from 07.09.09 to 31.01.2010 as an Adolescent Counsellor.
  • Skills


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
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     10 reviews
     by Vikram Bajpai

    Thinking is also a process of our cognition but over thinking can ruin your life so one must understand the difference between thinking and over thinking. I got over such issues with the help of online counselling sessions conducted by Mrs. Tanusree mam. She is the best psychologist and is the perfect fit for you. I’d say “Go for it”.

     by Annu Chaudhary

    Marriage is a long term relationship that needs support of both the individuals who tie a knot together. Sometimes a married couple goes through some serious issues and such issues are meant to be resolved on time. My husband and I have been through this phase but we were assisted by our psychologist, Mrs. Tanusree Basak, very well over the video conferencing who helped us to get our issues fixed effectively. Mrs. Tanusree is genuinely the best psychologist who I’d like to recommend personally for online counselling for any sort of marital issues.

     by Sachin Arora

    Having the best mental and emotional support during the worst time is a not less than a blessing. I had been suffering from anxiety for more than a year. My relationship with my girlfriend was actually a toxic one and I knew it would end one way or another. Our relationship ended but gave me anxiety in return for which I needed professional support that I got from Mrs. Tanusree basak via online counselling where she assisted me to get over it. She is such a great psychologist with her commendable professional skills. I am forever indebted to her.

     by Akshita Soni

    A few months back, my marriage was fixed with my fiancé and since then I developed some issues created by my over-thinking. I thought a lot about after-marriage things and felt stressed over them. My stress and fear were real but for those things that did not even happen yet. I took help from a psychologist and attended online counselling sessions where I met with Tanusree mam. She is the greatest person I have ever met. She listened to me, talked regarding my issues and resolved them. I really felt good with her and her support really meant the world.

     by Sunny Anand

    Depression is really a bad thing but do you know what the worst is? The worst is leaving your depression untreated. If you think you are experiencing depression related symptoms then do not take it lightly. You need to talk to a psychologist like Mrs. Tanusree Basak. I have attended her online counselling sessions. She is such a great psychologist who can greatly help you to deal with depression.

     by Radha Bhola

    Sometimes couples do make mistakes while managing their relationships with their partners. As we all know that keeping relationships happy requires the right amount of effort, discipline and time and this is all possible with professional guidance and motivation. I chose online counselling where my boyfriend and I were helped by Mrs. Tanusree. So, if any of you get troubles in your relationship you can talk to Tanusree mam. She is a great help.
    Warm regards

     by Payal Gondane

    I have suffered from anxiety and saw its worst side. I know what damage it can cause. I really do not want anyone to suffer from this anxiety disorder because it is seriously a threat to life. Online counselling helps and it has also helped me to overcome my anxiety. I really thank Mrs. Tanusree for her precious time. She was the one who strengthened my belief to fight with my anxiety issues and get over it forever. I am so grateful to her and I gladly recommend her for online counselling.

     by Parul Gandhi

    Having marriage problems takes the true essence of the husband-wife relationship away. It took us a few online counselling sessions with a well versed psychologist, Mrs. Tanusree Basak and we were able to fix all the issues and choose to live happily. We both thank Mrs. Tanusree for her valuable guidance.

     by Babita Baidya

    I had depression that caused so many issues in my life and I seriously do not like to remember it because that was the worst time ever. I have suffered a lot that is why I want to help others. I want to spread my message that your mental health is important and precious; take care of it very well. In case, something goes wrong then you need to seek professional help. I would suggest that you must talk to Mrs. Tanusree Basak regarding your concerns related to mental health. I highly recommend her for online counselling.

     by Meenakshi Thakur

    I appreciate Tanusree mam who literally helped and saved my relationship which was ruined only by me. My boyfriend and I got not just our issues resolved but we also learnt a few skills to manage our relationship. All the online counselling sessions taken by our psychologist were so helpful and effective to strengthen our relationship. We both are beyond grateful. We highly recommend her.