Can a boy and a girl be best friends without falling for each other?

Can a boy and a girl be best friends without falling for each other?



Yes, a girl and boy can be best friends.  What we need to understand here is, is it really falling if you feel like you are feeling something for your friend? No doubt men and women the two opposite sexes are psychologically and biologically made to fall for each other.  A little closeness in between them and the gossip starts among others. Even the person himself or herself starts thinking over about the kind of relationship he or she is having with the other person. But not all close relationship between a boy and a girl is love attraction. 

If we talk about boy and girl best friends, lets first categories them into different forms


1)         Brother-sister sort of best friends– In this type, the girl and boy are best friends, yet their friendship has a base of brother and sister.  Such friendship has the least chances of anyone falling for the other one.


2)         Two opposite poles sort of best friends– In this, the boy and girl are the exact opposite of each other. And this is the base of their friendship; they enjoy the difference among each other.  So when it comes to choosing a partner for themselves, the other person mostly never fits in into their parameter of how their partner should be.  There are chances that due to two being together for so long, they start liking each other the way they are and thus fall for each other, otherwise, the chances are very rare.


3)         Childhood and family friends– The boy and girl are friends from their very childhood, the base of their friendship here is their memory.  They have known each other from every dimension and they understand each other in every aspect. In such sort of relation,  both or one of the friends might develop the tendency of possessiveness,  that no one other than them should be more close to the other person.  

This possessiveness turns into liking followed by falling for the other person. But they respect each other’s space and preferences and they hardly speak out about their feelings to the other person.

   Can a boy and a girl be just best friends


4)         Just friends sort of best friend relation– Here the two are just friends like other friends. The only difference is they share more bonding and closeness than others.  This sort of best friend’s relationship has maximum chances of one or both falling for each other.

Why every guy needs a girl’s best friends?

No matter what sort of girl is your friend, there is always latent motherhood in every girl.  That comes up every time the other person (boy or girl) is having some trouble in their life.  They pay more attention to your worries.  They care for you more.  Also their way of caring s different from that of a male friend.  While both boys and girls can be equally caring, their way of caring will be different. 

The boy’s way of caring might be more materialistic, on the other hand, the girl/ female’s caring is more towards providing you the emotional care.  And that is why a female friend is more preferred at times of stress or emotional exhaustion.  They tend to be more motivating and more caring. 

They listen to you, they keep a check on you, and they arrange things that will cheer you up.  This never means that boys can not do all this, but the intensity and the way of doing are always different.  The girl’s way of doing things is more comforting and welcoming than that of the boy.  


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