Missing Tile Syndrome: Focus on what you have not what you don't have

Missing Tile Syndrome: Focus on what you have not what you don't have

Sudiksha is a 23-year-old girl. She is good in studies as well as sports but Sudiksha has a problem. She likes to watch and do everything closely due to which often her focus is more on deficiencies rather than positive features of things. She always feels that something else could have been better, whether it is food, clothes, studies, or the surrounding environment. Due to this habit, she is not able to enjoy her achievements fully and remains dissatisfied.

This story is not only about Sudiksha but also of the millions of people whose attention is always on the shortcomings or deficiencies, whether it is her own or others. Such people always feel that there is something missing. This thinking is seen even more among the youth. I wish I had an iPhone like my friend, his clothes are better than me, he looks better than me, a neighbor's car is better than our car, I wish I had a bungalow.  We are not able to enjoy what we have and always unhappy.

This tendency of humans is called "the missing tile syndrome",  a term coined by Dennis Prager in his book, “Happiness is a Serious Problem”. This means that we focus on the things that we do not have or what is missing instead of on what is present and this thinking becomes the cause of sorrow and dissatisfaction.



We are all human beings who can never be perfect. Every person has shortcomings, but his attitude towards life determines how he sees those flaws and how to overcome them or not to dominate them. And this thinking can be strengthened only if we take care of these things;



Greed is something that has no end. It starts to grow even more with time if it is not allowed to dominate itself at the right time. The desire to get something is a different thing, but the desire to get everything can never let you be satisfied.


Think positive

Whenever your focus is on negative things or shortcomings, instead of feeling sad about it, think about how you can get better but never compare yourself with others for it. Nothing can ever be perfect, so make shortcomings strong. Always think about how you can be happy with what you have. Try but not compare.



Satisfaction is the most positive state of mind. It also makes us feel great happiness in every small moment of life. An unhappy person remains unhappy and tense even after great achievements, whereas a satisfied man is happy in every small achievement.

Satisfaction does not mean that you should not improve yourself. This means that you should be happy in what you have got after trying and should move forward positively for better results.

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